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Galloglas at the heart of things.

Hello I am Demortis,


It's nice to have you reading into a bit of my history and the corporation in eve and it's people. I have been gathering the willing for many years now to take the time to play out most of what EvE Online has to offer and have taken to teaching newer players what I can while I have been in EvE and as a member of Galloglas.


From first running of incursions upon it's release, to playing hundreds of Blood Raider Event Sites when they could be done solo. To living in wormholes for a few years doing Nestor spider tanking and gas huffing before there was a large industrial need for it,  interrupting a coronation of an empress with smart bombers and being called a terrorist to Faction Warfare camping for a few years, and just in general being a very social person in the corporations  I might be with at the time.)


This game has never stopped entertaining my mind and after the first decade I was looking for a home that would grow with me....

So while learning and adapting to eve's harshist environments. I joined Galloglas this corp with the idea that everyone here has a fresh start and chance to be apart of a family of players not just a number in some over bearing stuffy CEO power trip. We have been an open door to that idea that we could find players that could work towards goals together and train the less experienced of the game in a force of players with goals.


But we have also learnt along the way not all players are good for us and have had to make hard choice's to get where we are today. Our zkill proves our worth and our members prove it in space.


So like all good corps we now have systems in place that help us get to the people that want a healthy community and a active player base of loyal pilots. So please watch the video enjoy and make contact if we spark the urge...

Our Mission Is to Empower


Professional Online Module Training


Leading Mentors


Qualified School Graduates


Satisfaction Rated by Students

Galloglas is currently working on things to improve our training. This page will be updated month to month as members find there way back to us or new players start getting into one on one training.

We hope that members with skills to train others come around or raise there hands to help as time goes on and we hope to bring a balance to training as people want and as we move forward.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


Respect where respect is given. Also your word is your bond don't break it. As leadership that promise is also extended back to you. If any of us says we will do something we are all responsible to make it happen.


Prove your work. Prove your worth. Prove others wrong when appropriate. Don't be a flake when your word is on the line.


Knowledge is key to mastering any goal that you set for yourself. The silly thing would be not to ask questions. So ask and learn don't be shy there are no stupid questions....


When you desire to join a Corporation there is a silent bond between the Player and the Corporation to work together. If you can't be seen with your Corp Membership it can't them jump to help you.


We can interpret the way forward to our members that are trying to move upward and help get them from where they are today to where they want to be in the future. That's our passion and our goal. To see members getting to there goals is our reward.

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