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Interested in Joining...

Welcome to Galloglas Recruitment!

To become a valued member of our prestigious corporation we ask you to do the following before we can invite anyone into corporation, please complete your application.

Click Each Image to be taken to the correct webpage.

Step 1. Application

Step 2. Alliance Sign-in

Step 3. Coalition Sign-in.

This crucial step ensures the security and integrity of our community by preventing unwanted pilots and spies. Your actions in EVE Online impact not only your character but also our community of players. We look forward to reviewing your application and will reach out to you in-game as soon as we can.


This is the application to the Main Corp Galloglas.


Fraternity is our alliance and you must register with them to gain access to our mumble alliance chat channel and gain access to our ship replacement program.


Winter.Co is our Coalition and you must register there as well.

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